How to Delete the About:Blank Page

By Jason Artman

When Internet Explorer is launched, most people configure it to display a website. This initial website that appears when the browser is loaded is called the "home page." If Internet Explorer 7 suddenly begins displaying a page with the title "about:blank" instead of your home page, and you have attempted unsuccessfully to reset your home page to resolve this issue, you may have a problem in the Windows registry that needs to be corrected.

Step 1

Press the Windows logo and "R" keys simultaneously to open the "Run" dialog. Type "regedit" without quotation marks in the box, and press "Enter" to open the registry editor.

Step 2

Use the folder tree on the left side of the window to navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER," "Software," "Microsoft," "Internet Explorer" and "Main." Click the "Main" folder.

Step 3

Click the "Edit" menu at the top of the window, then click "New" and "DWORD Value." A new item will appear on the right side of the window with a blinking cursor for you to type a name. Name the item "RunOnceHasShown" and press "Enter." Double click "RunOnceHasShown."

Step 4

Change the number displayed under "Value Data" to "1" and click "OK."

Step 5

Click "Edit," "New" and "DWORD Value." Name the new item "RunOnceComplete."

Step 6

Assign a value of "1" to "RunOnceComplete" as in Step 4.

Step 7

Close the registry editor and restart the computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is a Trojan horse virus that causes Internet Explorer to display a blank page instead of the home page. If you continue to experience this issue after performing these steps, or if you experience the issue along with error messages or crashes in Windows Defender, install an antivirus program, and allow it to scan your computer fully.