How to Delete the Cache on My Computer

By David Sandoval

Almost all Internet browsers keep a copy of web pages that were previously accessed. While these temporary Internet files (or cache) are useful for helping pages load faster, too many temporary files on the hard drive will eventually cause the computer to run slower. This data accumulates over time, taking up valuable disk space. From time to time, these files must be deleted.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Open your browser. Click on "Help" on the menu bar, and select "About" to determine which web browser version the computer is using. If using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to Step 2. If using Firefox, go to Step 3.

Step 2

If using Internet Explorer 7, click on "Tools" and select "Delete browsing history". Click on "Delete all," check the "Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons" box, then click "Yes". Click on "Close" to exit.If using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or earlier, click on "Tools" and select "Internet options". Click on "Delete files," and check the "Delete all offline content" box. Click "OK", and then click "OK" to exit.

Step 3

If using Firefox 3.5, click on "Tools", and select "Clear recent history..." Select "Everything" from the menu, and click "Clear now".If using Firefox 3 or earlier, click on "Tools", and select "Clear private data". Check all boxes in the window, and select "OK".