How to Delete the Tracker off an iPhone

By Julius Vandersteen

The Tracker app shows the location of your iPhone on your website so that people can see where you are as you travel. When you have enabled Location Services on your iPhone, the Tracker app transmits your iPhone's GPS data with a Maps link in HTML files to your website as you move from place to place. If you no longer want people to be able to track your changing position, you can delete the Tracker app from your iPhone.

Step 1

Press the iPhone's "Home" button, located below the device's touch-sensitive display.

Step 2

Touch the icon of the Tracker app, and hold it until the icon starts wiggling.

Step 3

Touch the icon of an "X" in a circle at the top left of the Tracker app icon. A message appears, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the Tracker app and all of its data from your iPhone.

Step 4

Tap "Delete."

Step 5

Press the iPhone's "Home" button to stop the rest of the icons from wiggling.