How to Delete Web Browser History - Safari on a Mac

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you been looking for another job using your work computer? Did you check out a dating site on a computer that your girlfriend uses? Or did you spend your downtime at work shopping online? Whatever the case, you'll want to be sure to clear the browsing history. If you clear the browser history, other users on the computer will not be able to view what websites you've visited. Follow these directions to delete browsing history for Safari on a Mac.

Things You'll Need

  • An Apple Computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • Safari Internet Browser
  • A Desire to Prevent Others From Seeing What Websites You've Visited!

Step 1

OPEN SAFARI. Begin by opening Safari. You can open the web browser program by clicking on the desktop icon. If you don't have a desktop icon for Safari, you can open it from the program dock or go into the hard drive, click "applications" and double click on the Safari icon.

Step 2

OPEN THE BROWSING HISTORY MENU. Once Safari has opened, you'll take the next step for clearing the browsing history. Look at the top of the screen and you'll see several menu options, including "History." Click on "History."

Step 3

CLEAR THE BROWSING HISTORY ON SAFARI. When you click on "History," a drop-down menu will appear. To clear the browsing history on Safari, scroll down to "Clear History" and click this option.

Step 4

REPEAT AS NECESSARY TO DELETE BROWSER HISTORY ON SAFARI ON AN APPLE COMPUTER. For work computers, clear the browsing history at the end of each work day or before leaving your desk for an extended period of time. Some employers get very heated if you as much as check your personal email account while at work, so to avoid any problems, clear the browser history on your work computer often.