How to Delete Windows System Folder

By Alexis Lawrence

When you purchase a Windows computer, the system comes with some pre-created directories on the hard drive, such as the “My Documents” folder, which contains additional folders like "My Pictures" and "My Music." It is possible to delete these folders in the way that other folders are deleted. You can right-click and choose “Delete,” but the folders do not stay deleted and will reappear. To get rid of Windows system folders, you must delete them in the computer’s registry.

Step 1

Open the “Start” menu of the Windows computer and click on “Run." In some versions of Windows, such as Vista, “Run” is located in the “Accessories” folder.

Step 2

Type “regedit” into the box next to “Open” in the “Run” window. Click the “OK” button to open the “Registry Editor.”

Step 3

Click the arrow to the left of the “HKEY Current User” folder to expand the folder and see the contents. Then, expand “Software,” “Microsoft,” “Windows,” “CurrentVersion” and “Explorer.” Click on the “Shell Folders” folder to display the contents in the right-hand pane of the “Registry Editor” window.

Step 4

Double-click a folder name, such as “My Pictures,” in the content list. The “Edit String” window will pop up.

Step 5

Highlight the text in the “Value Data” box of the “Edit String” window and click “Delete” to remove the text. Click “OK” for the change to take effect.

Step 6

Repeat the process of deleting the information in the “Value Data” box in the “Edit String” window for each Windows folder that you want to remove. Once you have deleted the value data for each folder, you can close the Registry Editor.

Step 7

Return to the “Start” menu and select “My Computer” or “Computer.” Go to the “C:” drive and open the “My Documents” folder. Delete any folder that you deleted from the computer’s registry and the folders will remain deleted and not appear again.