How to Delete Word Documents on Microsoft 2007

By Aaron Wein

Microsoft Office 2007 gives people the ability to create, modify and save Word documents using ample formatting and editing tools. Over time, your computer may become stocked with useless or dated Word 2007 files, resulting in a cluttered "Documents" folder. This may necessitate a purge. Office 2007 allows people to delete word documents using the program's built-in file opening controls.

Step 1

Launch Word 2007 or any other Office Suite 2007 program.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl"+"O" on your keyboard. An "Open" dialog window will pop up.

Step 3

Locate the Word document you wish to delete by browsing the resulting "Open" dialog window.

Step 4

Highlight the file by clicking once on it. You can highlight multiple files in the same folder by holding the "Ctrl" key down and clicking once on each file.

Step 5

Press the "Del" key.

Step 6

Select "Yes" from the resulting prompt to finish deleting the document(s).