How to Design Your Own Church Bulletins

By Foye Robinson

Church bulletins are used to display a church's order of service, announcements and prayer needs for the week. The bulletin may also include clip art (to draw people's attention to an area of the bulletin) and sermon notes (for the congregation to jot notes on). Designing a church bulletin can be fun, but challenging if you're new to the process. In this tutorial, we will use Microsoft Publisher 2003 to design a church bulletin. Publisher includes built-in templates that you can revamp for your church bulletin.

Step 1

Gather as much information for the church bulletin as you can before you get started. This will make the process less tedious.

Step 2

Consider the type of service the church bulletin will be used for--baptism, Easter Sunday, communion or a regular service. Then find clip art to complement the occasion.

Step 3

Open Microsoft Publisher and go to "Publications for Print" under the "New Publisher" task pane. Click on "Brochures" to expand the option.

Step 4

Peruse the templates in Publisher until you find one you can use for the church bulletin. Don't worry if the background doesn't work perfectly. You can change it later if you need to.

Step 5

Click on your chosen template to load it. To switch your design, select "Publication Designs" under "Brochure Options" and choose a new design. To change your color scheme, choose "Color Schemes" from the task pane. To replace the font scheme, select "Font Schemes" from the task pane and choose a new scheme.

Step 6

Remove any images or background options you don't want by selecting it with your mouse and using the "Delete" key on your keyboard. To drag an object to a new location, select its outline and drag it to a new location.

Step 7

Match the headings with the ones you want. Be sure to bold and enlarge them. You can include the church's name, address, phone number, website (if applicable), pastor's name and order of service in the first column. The sermon title and scripture are optional.

Step 8

Add any announcements in the next column, using clip art to make this section stand out. If you run out of space, continue the announcements in another column or on the back of the bulletin.

Step 9

Include an area for the general services held throughout the week, such as Bible study, choir practice and prayer service. Depending on your church, you can include prayer requests and sermon notes as well.

Step 10

Spell-check and double-check your work, ensuring you've added all of the information you need--and removed the text you don't want to include.

Step 11

Save the church bulletin once you are finished by selecting "File, Save" or "File, Save As" and naming the file. To preview the bulletin, select "File, Preview." Finally, print out a master copy and run additional copies for the congregation.

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