How to Determine My Version of Windows Explorer

By Maureen Bruen

Windows Explorer is a file manager that comes with the Windows Operating System (OS). Each version of Windows Explorer provides additional features and functions to make the file manager easier to use and more robust. When you execute Windows Explorer you have access to the file manager and version information. It is important to always check your version when needed since the automatic update feature of the Windows OS can update your version of Windows Explorer.

Step 1

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer.

Step 2

On the Windows Explorer menu bar, click Help > About Windows. This will display copyright and version information for Windows Explorer. You will find information about the updates included in your version of Windows Explorer in the parenthesis after the version number, if applicable.

Step 3

Click OK to exit the "About Windows" dialog box.

Tips & Warnings

  • If automatic updates for the Windows OS are turned "On" then pay special attention to the information after the version number. If a service pack was applied to your version of Windows Explorer, it will be listed here.