How to Determine The Need for a Smartphone

By Techwalla Contributor

Do you really need a smartphone? What is a smartphone anyway? There is no official meaning to the term smartphone but generally speaking, it is a phone that can run like a computer. Aside from the basic function of making calls, text messaging and taking pictures, smartphones run a gamut of applications that can make your head spin. From accessing your email accounts to browsing and downloading information from the web and anything in between, the latest smartphones can do anything - Apple's iPhone alone has thousands of applications for you to use. Smartphones are the future of the wireless industry but for now, you have to ask the question - do you really need a smartphone?

Step 1

Budget for smartphones can be high. Most cost upwards of $200. Some cellphone providers will have offers and discounts if you sign a 2 year contract with them thereby bringing the cost of the smartphone down. If you can't afford the hefty price for a smartphone or the subscription that goes with it then it might be wise to choose less costly options.

Step 2

Choosing a data service plan is another factor in determining if you need a smartphone. Although there are a number of mobile phone providers around, they all offer data service plans that cost more than your ordinary cell phone plan because of web access and email retrievals.

Step 3

You need a smartphone if you constantly need access to the internet when you're out and on the go. Laptops can be cumbersome and heavy to lug around when you need to surf the net.

Step 4

If you need to access your email every minute then this might also play a part in your decision. Smartphones enable you to access your emails wherever you are.

Step 5

Office applications such as reading pdf files and the ability to send and receive fax are are one of the features that differentiates smartphones from ordinary "dumb" phones. If you constantly use them then this is another reason for you to need a smartphone.

Step 6

Entertainment features included in smartphones can be a lot of fun. Watching videos, listening to music or radio, playing games and taking pictures can be strong selling points in your need for a smartphone.

Step 7

Applications are the main draws for smartphones. These are software that makes life a little easier. They are a testament to the computing power of smartphones. Features such as calendars, weather and traffic information, facebook, recipes, and various other applications you never knew you need are available at your fingertips.