How to Determine the Version of Internet Explorer on Your Computer

By Randall Shatto

Internet Explorer (IE) is a Web browser that is a stock application in the Windows operating system. Microsoft allows users to download updates for the IE browser. Keeping IE up-to-date allows you to explore and surf the Web without errors or issues with websites. It is important to know the version of IE on your computer; often websites require the newest version of the browser before the page will load properly. Also, determining the version will save you time from accidentally updating IE unnecessarily.

Step 1

Press the "Start" button on the bottom left of the computer screen. Click the "All Programs" tab. Move through the list to highlight "Internet Explorer." If you have an IE icon on your desktop or the start menu quick launch, double-click it.

Step 2

Wait until IE loads, roughly 10 seconds, depending on your computer's processing speed. Click the "Help" tab in the IE menu. Select the "About Internet Explorer" option.

Step 3

View the pop-up information. The first line under the Microsoft IE logo shows the current version of the application. This also gives you update information, as well as in-depth facts about IE.