How to Dial an International Fax Number

By Misty Rodriguez

If you do business with clients who are overseas, you may need to send them a fax once in a while. The process for sending an international fax is almost identical to sending a domestic fax within the United States, except there are a few more numbers involved. Before dialing the fax number, make sure that your phone line has international-calling capabilities. You will be charged international rates while the fax is transmitting your documents.

Things You'll Need

  • Fax machine

Step 1

Locate the country code of the person you're sending the fax to. See the Resources section for websites that help you find the right code.

Step 2

Dial 011 to access the international network, followed by the country code, city code (similar to a U.S. area code) and then the recipient's fax number.

Step 3

Press the "Send" button. You will hear the fax machine dialing the number and beeping as it transmits your documents.