How to Dial an International Operator

By Richard Bonilla

With the advancement in telecommunication technology, you can locate a person anywhere in the world by calling an international operator. Each country is assigned an international dialing code. When you dial the code, you have the option of dialing the city code number to locate the correct person. However, dialing out to an international number may be expensive depending on the type of phone plan you have, so exercise caution when dialing.

Step 1

Dial "01" on your phone to reach an international line.

Step 2

Look for the country's code (see Resources). Dial the code followed by "01." For example, if you were looking for someone in Australia, you would dial "01" followed by the country code "61." If there is a city code, you may also dial it to better help the operator locate the person you wish to speak to.

Step 3

Speak to the country's operator. Please note, that by dialing "01," your phone company will bill you for speaking to an operator.