How to Dial Customer Service on a Sprint Phone

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Any Sprint customer, regardless of the cell phone he owns, is able to access the company's customer service department from his phone. An individual that contacts Sprint customer service has the ability to make a payment over the phone, obtain technical support for the phone or even purchase new equipment. A short phone code connects customers using a Sprint phone directly to customer service. If the code doesn't work for some reason, though, you are always able to contact Sprint customer service via the department's 10-digit phone number.


Step 1

Acquire the necessary information for speaking with Sprint customer service. You need the main 10-digit Sprint phone number associated with the account, the final four digits of the account holder's social security number, the Sprint account number and the security code associated with the account. Some or even all of these are used to verify a Sprint account when calling customer service.


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Step 2

Turn the Sprint phone on.

Step 3

Dial either "*2" or the number "888-211-4727."

Step 4

Press "Send" or "Call." Your phone dials Sprint customer service. Wait until you reach the automated service.



Step 5

Press "1" if calling from the Sprint phone associated with the account or enter the 10-digit Sprint number for the account. Then, listen to the automated service and press the number on the phone for the specific service you need -- for example, press the "2" key to make a payment.



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