How to Dial International Area Codes

By Grace Baney

Trying to place an international call can be a tricky experience if you are unsure of the proper procedure to dial outside your country. There are many websites located on the Internet that list the specific country code of the nation you want to call as well as the exit code to dial out of your own country. Utilizing these sites simplifies the international calling process.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone

Step 1

Visit the How to Call Abroad: International Calling Guide website and check if the country you would like to place a call to is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). If the country is a part of NANP and you are placing an outbound call from any other nation on this list, such as the United States, you should follow the same usual rules which is 1 + NANP area code + seven digit phone number.

Step 2

Look up your country and the nation you would like to dial on How to Call Abroad: International Calling Guide, if they are both not a part of the NANP group. The website has a function where you may input the information on the country being called from and called to, they will calculate the correct dialing formula for you and also provide the current time in the nation that will be receiving the call. If calling another country from within the United States the formula would be 011+ country code + phone number.

Step 3

Gain access to a land line. Making international calls this way can save you significant money overall. Purchasing a calling card will reduce the per-minute rate even more. When it comes to making international calls be aware that charges will almost certainly be higher if using a cell phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some international phone numbers have trunk codes, which usually contain a 0 (zero) as the first digit. It is only necessary to dial this digit within the country itself, but when it comes to calling this number internationally the trunk code should be removed.
  • The plus sign (+) that can be seen in the international dialing sequences means "add on" and is not to be dialed.