How to Dial International From the United States

By Kahlie Richards

Phone companies charge different long distance rates depending on your calling plan. There are cell phone plans that allow you to call international numbers, but using a phone card could be cheaper. Calls to international cellular numbers may have higher rates than calling home phone numbers.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone
  • Receiver's local phone number
  • Origination country exit code
  • Destination country code
  • Destination city/area code

Step 1

Contact your phone provider about the rates for placing international call. It will give you an idea on the cost of dialing internationally from the United States.

Step 2

Know the time difference between your location and the area you want to call. If you don't know this, go to and click "Time Difference Calculator" button. Select "United States," your state and the destination country. It will show you the time difference.

Step 3

Dial 011, the exit code for the United States, the destination country code, city/area code and phone number. If you only have the local phone number, go to to get the country and area codes.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is usually cheaper to use a phone card when calling to foreign countries from the United States. It has lower long distance rates than your phone provider does.