How to Disable a Bugged Cell Phone

By Kevin Blankinship

Being a spy doesn't necessarily involve shootouts with enemy agents, high-tech gadgets, or stealthy missions in foreign countries. Many people are spying on others from their own homes. With certain software programs, anyone can tap into other peoples' computers or cell phones and monitor their personal information. Cell phones in particular can be accessed with little effort, since many don't have passwords installed. If you discover that your phone has been bugged by a spy, there are several things you can do to disable it.

Things You'll Need

  • Bug detection equipment
  • Anti-spyware software
  • Service provider contact information

Step 1

If you suspect that your phone has been bugged, use bug detection equipment to find out for sure. There are various online retailers that sell such equipment. Also, check for signs that your phone is bugged, like problems turning off or strange noises in the background.

Step 2

Contact the service provider and have them replace your SIM card. They can also replace the circuit board if necessary. Request that they trace your cell phone activity to determine whether it has been bugged.

Step 3

Turn off your cell phone when you aren't using it. You may have to remove the battery in order to do this, since some malicious spyware programs prevent you from turning off your phone from the keypad.

Step 4

Disable your phone's Bluetooth support when you aren't using it, and only accept Bluetooth connections from people you know. Also, don't leave your phone's GPS on for long periods of time. Cell phone spies can track your location by accessing the GPS, so be careful with how often you use it.

Tips & Warnings

  • The most difficult part of resolving issues with a bugged cell phone is determining whether or not you are the victim of a cell phone spy. Once you have identified the warning signs and are sure you have a problem, blocking or disabling the phone is relatively simple.
  • Protecting yourself from spies of any stripe can be stressful. Contacting your mobile service provider and the authorities can be time-consuming. Anti-spyware and bug equipment costs money. To top it off, the thought of having strangers access your personal information and conversations can be terrifying. Prepare yourself for stressful situations. Have a support system in place to help you as you face this challenge.