How to Disable a Computer Keyboard

By Brandon Wood

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform almost every task on the computer; you can open up menus, exit programs and copy and paste. These keyboard shortcuts can come in handy to save time and when your mouse has stopped working, but they can also be annoying if you have a toddler or need to clean your keyboard. There are a couple different ways to disable your keyboard, so whether you're watching a movie, or just trying to clean the keyboard, you can get the job done.

Things You'll Need

  • Keyboard with "Windows" button

Step 1

Check the "Windows" key on your PC to make sure it works. According to Microsoft, this key is usually enabled, but sometimes previous users or another computer program has disabled it. If the key works, it will open the "Start" menu when you press it.

Step 2

If the "Windows" key doesn't work, open the "Start" menu, and select "Run." Type "regedt32," and click "Ok."

Step 3

This will open up a new menu. Click on "HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE."

Step 4

Under the pull-down menus, click on "System," then click on "Current Control Set" and finally on the "Control" folder, and then click on the "Keyboard layout" folder.

Step 5

Right-click the "Scancode Map," and then click "Delete" to delete it. If you don't see this scancode map, your "Windows" key should function properly already.

Step 6

Once your windows key works, type "Windows+L" to lock the computer. This quick lock takes you out of Windows, but locks the keyboard; this will work for cleaning.

Step 7

If you want to stay in Windows and lock the keyboard, you'll need to download a program to do so. Toddler Trap and Keyboardlocker are both free programs that you can download to lock the keyboard while you watch movies or clean your keyboard.