How to Disable ECM on Brother Fax Machines

By Katrina Matterhorn

ECM stands for "Error Correction Mode," a function found on Brother fax machines produced in 2000 and later. It automatically detects error conditions when sending and receiving faxes and attempts to correct these errors on the fly. It doesn't work with fax machines that do not have ECM, so it can cause stalls when an error is detected and the Brother device is unable to work with the sending or receiving machine. You can disable ECM through the control panel menu.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Menu" button on the front of the Brother fax machine to open the main menu.

Step 2

Type "2864" to put the fax machine into maintenance mode. Type "10" to gain access to the firmware panel.

Step 3

Type "22" to open the WSW22 menu. Type "1" twice to turn off the ECM function on outgoing fax messages. Press "9" to return to the main WSW22 menu.

Step 4

Type "2" and then type "1" to disable ECM on incoming fax messages. Type "99" to save your changes and exit to the main menu.