How to Disable Fido Voicemail

By Rae Williams

There are many reasons why you might want to disable your phone's voice mail. Most of the time, you can access voice mail options from the menu on your phone, or change how it answers call by adjusting your phone's call forwarding settings. However, for customers with Fido, disabling voice mail is no longer an option; you have to have voice mail switched on at all times or have it removed from your account completely.

Step 1

Dial 0 or 611 if calling from your Fido phone, or 888-481-3436 from any other phone.

Step 2

Select option 2 for account maintenance from the menu.

Step 3

Follow the menu prompts to remove the voice mail add-on.

Tips & Warnings

  • While you can remove voice mail using the options in the interactive voice response menu (IVR), if your voice mail is included as part of a value-pack, it may be best to speak with a customer service agent, as the value-pack will need to be removed and the other features re-added separately.