How to Disable Fingerprint on an HP Laptop

By Natalie Ray

Many HP laptops include a fingerprint scanner to enhance the security of your computer. When the fingerprint scanner is enabled, the computer requires a fingerprint scan to log onto Windows. Disable the fingerprint scanner if you do not need or want this feature. With the fingerprint scanner disabled, you can log on to Windows using a password. You can enable the fingerprint scanner anytime you need to.

Step 1

Access the Device Manager on your computer. Select "Control Panel" from your computer's Start menu. Click "Hardware and Sound" and then click "Device Manager."

Step 2

Find "Personal identification devices" in the "Device Manager" list. Click the "+" sign next to "Personal identification devices." This opens a list of all of your devices. Click on "Validity Sensor."

Step 3

Select the "Driver" tab at the top of the properties window and click "Disable" to disable your fingerprint scanner. The button changes to "Enable" and you can enable the fingerprint scanner at any time. Click "OK" to exit out of the window.