How to Disable Sonic Wall Filtering

By Ty Arthur

The Sonic Wall Filtering program is used by schools, businesses, and other organizations that want to limit which websites can be accessed on their computers. The system works by checking the domain name server of any website you attempt to access, so you can get around it by simply typing in the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the website instead of its normal web address.

Step 1

Open your computer's web browser by clicking on the "Start" menu and choosing "Programs" and then click on the name of the browser or double click on the browser's desktop icon.

Step 2

Navigate your web browser to a website that allows you to look up the IP address of a Universal Resource Locator (URL) such as "SelfSEO" (see Resources below).

Step 3

Type in the full URL of the website that you want to access that is being filtered by the Sonic Wall system and then click on the "Get IP" button.

Step 4

Highlight the complete IP address that the website displays and right-click on it. Press "Copy" from the menu that will appear or instead just hit the "Ctrl" and "C" buttons to copy the URL.

Step 5

Paste the URL into the toolbar at the top of your web browser by right clicking and choosing "Paste" or instead press "Ctrl" and "V" on the keyboard. Hit "Enter" to access the page.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the "SelfSEO" website is blocked by your computer's Sonic Wall filter, you can search through a list of proxy websites that haven't been filtered until you find one that will allow you to access the site (see Resources below).
  • If the system administrator discovers that you are bypassing the Sonic Wall Filtering program there may be repercussions such as being banned from using the computers or even academic punishments if you are at a school.