How to Disable the Fn Key on a Laptop

By Perry Piekarski

Though smaller than their desktop counterparts, laptop keyboards still have all the functionality of a full-sized keyboard. This is because manufacturers added the Fn key to laptops, a key that lets you use the secondary functions on a laptop that normally have their own place on a traditional keyboard. The Fn key works much like the Shift key, as it must be held down to work. However, if you notice your computer stuck in Fn mode, you can easily remedy this issue and bring your laptop back to normal.

Step 1

Make sure nothing is pressing down the Fn key when you type.

Step 2

Find the Number Lock key on your keyboard. This locks most of the functionality of the Fn key, acting much like the Caps Lock key does with the Shift key. Sometimes the Number Lock key is abbreviated as "Num Lk," "Pad Lk" or something similar.

Step 3

Press the Number Lock key. The light on your computer representing the Number Lock key will blink off.

Step 4

Use your keyboard as you normally would, taking care not to press down the Fn key while you type.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Fn key influences all of the functions printed in the same color as the font on the Fn key. Typically this font is blue or purple.