How to Disable the IE 8 Security Warning

By Chris Hoffman

Internet Explorer 8 displays a security warning box when you're on a secure, HTTPS-protocol-using website that at temps to load non-secure content over the HTTP protocol. HTTPS content is encrypted so no one can snoop on your personal information, but HTTP is not. HTTP content on an HTTPS website can cause sensitive information such as credit card numbers to be sent unencrypted, so IE 8 displays a security warning. If you realize the risks and don't want to see this error message every time a website loads non-secure content on a secure Web page, you can disable the security warning.

Step 1

Click "Tools" and "Internet Options" in the Internet Explorer window.

Step 2

Click the "Security" tab at the top of the "Internet Options" window.

Step 3

Select a zone for which to disable the security warning, such as "Internet," by clicking its name.

Step 4

Edit the security settings by clicking the "Custom Level" button.

Step 5

Scroll down until you see "Display Mixed Content" under the "Miscellaneous" header in the "Settings" list.

Step 6

Click the "Enable" radio button under "Display Mixed Content." This is set to "Prompt" by default. "Enable" causes mixed content to be displayed with no security warning.

Step 7

Save your settings by clicking "OK" twice.