How to Disassemble an ASUS Notebook

By Contributing Writer

For years, Asus has been making quality, budget-priced laptops that compete with all major computer brands on the market. And just like these other top computers, Asus laptops require just as much care and maintenance. So if you need to disassemble your Asus notebook and can't afford to take it to a service technician, there is a way to do it yourself. It will take some time and concentration, but it is possible.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Asus notebook. Remove the keyboard by depressing the small plastic tabs at the top of your keyboard while simultaneously lifting it. This will reveal a metal plate underneath the keyboard that covers the motherboard.

Step 2

Disconnect the thick plastic ribbon that connects from the bottom-middle of the metal plate to the bottom-middle of the keyboard by sliding the plastic cable connector (located where the ribbon connects to the metal plate) forward to release the ribbon.

Step 3

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove each of the screws securing the metal plate. On some Asus notebooks, there will be eight screws, while on others there will be 10.

Step 4

Turn the computer over and remove the six screws from the bottom of the Asus. Four screws will be located along the back of the notebook, while the other two will be located on the front sides.

Step 5

Turn your Asus right-side up and remove the top plastic housing from the bottom by gently pulling it up at each corner of the notebook. The metal plate will come off with the plastic housing, revealing the motherboard.

Step 6

Disconnect the five wires that connect from the screen and housing of the computer to the motherboard. These are connected by plastic white plugs that can easily be unsnapped with your fingers. They are located on the top-left and bottom-center of the motherboard.

Step 7

Remove the four screws from the top of the LCD screen with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Then remove the bottom two screws to release the frame from the screen.

Step 8

Separate the two halves of the screen by working a fingernail around the length and width of the screen. Your Asus notebook is now completely disassembled and ready for whatever work needs to be performed on its interior components.