How to Disassemble the Acer Aspire

By Shoaib Khan

You may take apart your Acer Aspire laptop to repair or replace components such as the optical drive (CD or DVD drive), memory modules (RAM), wireless card, hard disk drive and processor, among other components. This article specifically relates to the Acer Aspire 5100 laptop, but the steps are general and may apply to other laptops in the Acer Aspire family. Consult documentation for your specific model before proceeding.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cord from the laptop and remove its battery pack. Never work with electronic components with an active power source. Place the laptop face down on a steady, level surface.

Step 2

Remove plastic covers from the base. Undo marked screws under the laptop to loosen the casings for the hard drive, processor, wireless card and memory. Use a flat implement, such as a ruler, as a lever to insert under and raise the casing. Lift off both covers.

Step 3

Dismount the DVD drive. Remove a single screw securing the drive to the laptop's chassis. With its screw off, force the drive out of the laptop's frame using a flathead screwdriver. When the end of the drive sticks out, grab and pull out to detach it from the laptop.

Step 4

Dismount the hard disk drive. Pull the tab attached to the drive away from the IDE connection to disconnect the drive. When detached, lift up and remove the drive. If you want to replace the hard disk, release the mounting bracket from the first drive and attach it to the replacement drive, before installing it.

Step 5

Uninstall RAM modules. Spread the latches on the mouth of the memory slot to unlock the modules. Use two fingers to push the latches outward, and grab hold of the module when it springs up. Detach the module by pulling out its teeth from the slot. Remove both modules similarly.

Step 6

Uninstall the wireless card. Undo the card's antennae --- two small wires affixed to the surface of the card --- by unscrewing and releasing the wires. With the antennae disconnected, remove the card by spreading latches on the slot's mouth. Pull the card up when it springs up.

Step 7

Dismount the cooling fan. Undo two screws on the metal plate covering the fan to loosen it from the motherboard. Unplug the fan cable by gently pulling at the plastic assembly at the end of the cable. Lift off the fan to detach it.

Step 8

Remove the securing strip from the top of the keyboard. Raise the strip from one end using a pointy tool and work with your fingers to loosen attachments along its length. When the strip is removed, undo two screws securing the keyboard to the laptop's base. Lift the keyboard carefully and unplug its connection to the motherboard; you will have to release the cable by lifting a small tab on the connector.

Step 9

Take apart the display assembly, complete with the LCD screen and the laptop's lid. Remove rubber tabs and undo concealed screws to loosen the screen bezel, and detach it completely by working with your fingers and loosening it from all four edges. Tilt the LCD panel away from the laptop's lid and toward the keyboard. Release the screen from its metal brace by unscrewing from both sides of the panel. The Acer Aspire 5100 laptop is now disassembled.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are disassembling your Acer Aspire laptop to replace a component, make sure it is compatible. Never install an unsupported component, as it might damage the part as well as the laptop's slot.