How to Discover Bluetooth With iPhone

By Michelle Varsallona

iPhones are compatible with any Bluetooth device. You can pair a Bluetooth headset with the iPhone or the iPhone with a computer to talk wirelessly or transfer data. As long as the device you want to pair the iPhone with is in discovery, or pairing mode, you can connect the two. Then they will automatically recognize each other whenever the Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 1

Set your Bluetooth device into pairing mode. On a headset you need to press the large button on the outside until the LED flashes; on a computer you have to open your Bluetooth settings and enable Bluetooth.

Step 2

Open “Settings” on the iPhone homescreen.

Step 3

Select “General,” then select “Bluetooth.”

Step 4

Change the Bluetooth setting to “On.”

Step 5

Allow the phone to search for nearby devices in pairing mode.

Step 6

Choose the device from the list that appears on the phone.

Step 7

Enter the passkey or PIN number for the device, and save the settings.