How to Display a PDF in an Email

By J.D. Richards

Sometimes you may wish to incorporate an image or document into the body of an email instead of attaching it. The best way to do this with a PDF file is to save it as an image, in particular a JPEG image, and paste it into the message. In order to save your PDF as an image, you'll need an image-editing program like Adobe Photoshop or its freeware counterpart, GIMP.

Things You'll Need

  • Image-editing software
  • Email server
  • PDF file

Step 1

Open the PDF file with an image-editing program.

Step 2

Select "File" from the top menu, then click "Save As" and a small window will pop up. Select a location for the file, and give it a name that you will recognize.

Step 3

Choose "JPEG" from the menu that asks you what file type or filename extension you would like to use. Save the file.

Step 4

Copy the image you've just created by selecting "Copy" from the "Edit" menu. You can do this using the image-editing program you began with, or in any image-viewing program with which you can open your newly created image.

Step 5

Create a new email message using your email server. With your cursor in the body of your email, select "Edit" from the top menu and click "Paste." The image should appear in the body of your message.