How to Display a Ruler on PowerPoint 2007

By Erika Dean

If you want to display a ruler in PowerPoint 2007, it takes little time to do so. Displaying the ruler on your PowerPoint presentation is useful if you want to view how far something is indented or if you want to place an object a certain length away from another object. After you display the ruler, it will be available on all PowerPoint presentations until you remove it.

Step 1

Open PowerPoint and click "View" from the top menu. The "View" ribbon will open. Options to arrange the windows, zoom and display a ruler are available on the "View" ribbon.

Step 2

Look to the "Show/Hide" section of the View ribbon. You can show or hide gridlines, a message bar or a ruler here.

Step 3

Check the box next to "Ruler." A ruler will open at the top and on the left side of your PowerPoint presentation.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to remove the ruler, open the "View" ribbon and clear the checked box next to "Ruler."