How to Display Photostream on Facebook

By Mario Calhoun

Photostream on your Facebook profile is a new feature on the upgraded social networking site that creates a constantly changing thumbnail of photos you were tagged in by other friends at the top of your profile. If you've configured your account to hide tagged photos from your Photostream, you can restore the photos by accessing your account settings to unhide the previously removed photos. Once configured, recently tagged photos automatically appear in Photostream as they become available.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account with your email address and password. Click "Edit My Profile" underneath your profile picture.

Step 2

Select "Profile Picture" on the left side menu in the browser.

Step 3

Click "Unhide All" beside "Row of photos at top of profile" in the Profile Picture menu.

Step 4

Click "View My Profile" to view how your profile appears to others on Facebook.

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