How to Dispose of a DLP TV

By Nick Miles

Old televisions sets, such as a DLP TV, can contain environmental contaminants, including lead, mercury or chromium. Simply dumping your TV set into the trash is not environmentally friendly as these contaminants potentially leach into ground water and spread through the air through incinerator ash. When upgrading your TV, the responsible thing to do is properly recycle your old television.

Step 1

Contact your TV’s manufacturer. Most of the major television manufacturers offer complimentary recycle programs for old sets and may be close to where you reside.

Step 2

Consult your local electronics store. Nationwide retailers offer recycling program for old electronics. Some programs charge a fee, but others may require no payment if you are purchasing a new set from them.

Step 3

Locate an electronics recycling center by you. Free sites, such as, feature a listings database that allow you to find all of the recycling centers close to your address.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your TV is still working, ask your friends or neighbors if they are interested in taking it off your hands. Consider donating it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.