How to Dispose of a Printer

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Most consumer electronic devices contain hazardous materials yet most of us throw them away and think nothing of it. Printers are a commodity that we use then throw away, wasting the plastic and dumping the hazardous material into the environment. When disposed of properly, printers can be almost fully recycled and the hazardous materials reused if cleanly removed.

Step 1

Remove the ink or toner cartridges from your printer.

Step 2

Recycle your ink or toner cartridges. Refer to the related eHow article titled "How to Recycle Laser and Ink-Jet Printer Cartridges."

Step 3

Look in the back of your printer's owners manual for recycling information.

Step 4

Follow the directions your manufacturer provides for recycling.

Step 5

Contact to recycle your printer for a fee of $5-$10 plus shipping.

Step 6

Pack your printer into a box and send it to The Green PC with the project number they give you on the outside of your shipping box.

Step 7

Enclose a personal check for the correct amount inside the box with your printer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your printer will probably need to be turned on to remove the cartridges. Once you've removed them, unplug the printer.
  • It is not currently illegal to throw away electronics as a consumer but by doing so you will harm the environment.