How to Do a Cow Emoticon on Facebook

By Dustin Thornton

Emoticons are sequences of symbols, numbers and letters that create an expression. Often used with online chat, emails or text messages, emoticons are meant to convey a sense of emotion or humor. When chatting in Facebook Chat, Facebook's free instant messenger that you can access directly from your Facebook profile page, you may wish to create and insert a cow emoticon into your message. Creating a cow emoticon with textual symbols is simple and easy.

Step 1

Launch your Web browser, and visit your Facebook profile page at Log into your account, if not already logged in to Facebook.

Step 2

Click on the "Chat" icon located in the lower right corner of the window to open Facebook Chat.

Step 3

Click on the friend that you want to send a chat message to. A message window will appear. Type in your message.

Step 4

Create a cow emoticon by entering the following sequence of symbols into the message:3:-o

Step 5

Press "Enter" to send the message with the cow emoticon.