How to Do a Hard Reset on an ILO TV

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A television is more computer than boob tube and, as a result, the electronics can be disrupted by sudden power outages. You can do a hard reset to return a tube-based ilo TV to full functionality if it has locked up as a result of a momentary power outage or spike. No special equipment is needed and the ilo TV will not be harmed in any way by doing the hard reset.


Step 1

Pull the power cord attached to the ilo TV out of the wall outlet. Let two minutes go by. Plug the power cord back into the outlet.

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Step 2

Press and hold in the power button on the front of the ilo TV. Continue holding the button in until the TV flickers on and then goes off again. Release the button. Let two minutes go by.


Step 3

Press and hold in the power button on the front of the ilo TV until the screen lights up. Release the button. Let the screen reach full illumination before continuing.

Step 4

Press "Menu" on the remote control. Select "System Settings." Adjust the settings for the ilo TV. You will need to adjust the settings to what they were previously, otherwise they will remain at their default factory state. Press "Menu" when you are done to exit the settings menus.


A power surge protector strip can help prevent power spikes if a TV’s power cord is plugged into it.


Do not use the remote control to attempt to reset the ilo.


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