How to Do a Hug Emoticon

By Kathryn Hatter

Communicating with written words and text, without the benefit of hearing a voice or seeing a face, can make it difficult to perceive emotions and meanings behind the words. Often, words alone cannot adequately convey feelings, which can lead to misunderstandings. When people communicate over computers and cell phone text messages, they often use emoticons to help show emotions. These letters and symbols can help prevent confusion. Do a hug emoticon to send a hug to someone during a computer conversation or cell phone text message.

Step 1

Enter brackets or parentheses with a computer keyboard or a cell phone number pad to send emoticon hugs. For example, send these basic hugs by entering "[[ ]]" or "(( ))."

Step 2

Place brackets or parentheses around a specific person's name to give someone a hug. For example, enter "[[Sarah]]" or "((David))."

Step 3

Send a big hug emoticon to a recipient by entering ">:D<" with a computer keyboard or a cell phone key pad.

Step 4

Add kisses to a hug by entering parenthesis to represent hugs and asterisks to represent kisses. For example, enter "(( )) : **."