How to Do a Side Binder Label Template

By Kate Bluest

Binders are a storage tool for documents. They allow a user to organize information with the flexibility to insert and remove documents at any point. Side binder labels are used to identify a binder's contents and are an essential part of a binder filing system.

Step 1

Launch your word processing program and create a new document.

Step 2

Insert a table into your new document with the following parameters: No preferred width, 1-inch indentation, left-aligned, no wrapping text, row height exactly half the width of the binder, 9 inches is the preferred width for the column and cell, and no borders or shading.

Step 3

Click in the cell until the cursor appears and then type in the text for the binder label.

Step 4

Select the text and choose your font and font options, including size, color, style and weight. Choose a font that is simple to read and large enough to see but small enough to allow the longest label possible to fit on one line. Font uniformity is neater for binders on a shelf and makes it easier to locate the binder you need.

Step 5

Preview the document in "Print Preview" to make sure you are satisfied with the appearance of your side binder label. Print the document.

Step 6

Fold the page, with the words centered vertically, to the proper width to slip into your side binder.

Step 7

Slide the label into your side binder.

Step 8

Save the document as a template and close it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Download side binder templates customized for various binder sizes from websites for word processing software and for labels.