How to Do It Yourself Projection TV Repair/ Convergence

By Nina Nixon

At some point in time, the images on your projection TV may contain blue or red outlines. Many projection TV models include a convergence setting to hide colored shadows. You can save money in unnecessary repairs when you know how to access and use this feature. For example, if you had previously tried to erase the outlines by adjusting the other picture settings, you might think that you had already done all that you could do. When you use the convergence repair method, you increase your TV's value by helping it to live up to its fullest potential.

Step 1

Run your TV for at least 20 minutes -- if it was not already turned on and running for that amount of time -- and then go to the next step.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control.

Step 3

Select "Picture" and then press the "Right" arrow button to display the Picture sub-menu.

Step 4

Press the "Down" arrow button and select "Manual Converge."

Step 5

Press the "Down" arrow button, and select "Converge Blue" or "Converge Red."

Step 6

Press the "Up/Down/Left/Right" arrow buttons and slowly adjust the cross-hair shaped graphic until overlaps the corresponding cross-hair outline in the background.

Step 7

Press the "Menu" button when finished. If color outlines on the TV are still visible, go to the next step.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 and then select "Multipoint Blue" or "Multipoint Red."

Step 9

Press the "Right" arrow button, and then press the "Up/Down/Left/Right" arrow buttons and select a misaligned cross-hair outline.

Step 10

Press the "OSD" (On-Screen Display) button and then press the "Up/Down/Left/Right" arrow buttons to align the cross-hair until the one in the background are overlapped.

Step 11

Press the "OSD" button to return to select another misaligned cross-hair and then repeat Steps 9, 10 and this step until all of the misaligned cross-hairs are corrected.

Step 12

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 to access the Picture menu and select "Save Multipoint." Press the "Left/Right" arrow buttons to save your new settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you make a mistake, you can undo your convergence -- as long as you did not save those adjustments you made earlier. Select "Undo Multipoint" from the Picture sub-menu and then press the "Left/Right" arrow buttons to undo your adjustments. If you do not see the "Undo Multipoint" setting in the first page of the Picture sub-menu, press the "Down" arrow button.
  • These steps apply to the Philips rear-projection 45PP8545 and 50PP8545 model TVs; however, other projection TV brands and models have similar steps.
  • Warning, TV circuits are dangerous, make sure you follow all safety procedures. It is suggested you should have at least a little knowledge of electronics and the dangers associated. The author of this article hold's no responsibility to your's or anyone's injury or death or any liability to damage or destruction you may cause to your television set. The author intends this article to be purl informative and not an incentive for anyone to actually repair there own TV set. If you decide to attempt this repair you are taking full responsibility upon yourself, do it only if you have full and total confidence in yourself and your abilities.