How to Do Links in DeviantART

By Tiffany Garden

DeviantArt is an arts-and-crafts community that allows users to create albums, post pictures of their work and participate in a large online social network dedicated to artists. You can add links to your photo and art postings, which will be displayed as an outside link on DeviantArt. When a user clicks the link, he is taken to a page that displays the full URL and informs the user he is leaving DeviantArt. You can use links to show additional information on the project, to link to your site or to link to the product page where the item is being sold.

Step 1

Log in to your DeviantArt account.

Step 2

Hover over the "Submit" menu bar option and choose "Submit Art."

Step 3

Enter a title in the "Deviation Title" field. Click "Choose" and assign the deviation to a category.

Step 4

Click "Upload File." Select the art file or photo you wish to share with the community.

Step 5

Write a description of the piece in the "Description" field. To include links, just paste the entire link into the field, starting from http://. You do not need to add any formatting to make the link clickable. DeviantArt links appear as [link] on your submission.

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