How to Do Strikethrough in Gmail

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The formatting toolbar found at the bottom of every Gmail composition provides style settings including font color, bold and underline, but you won't find an option for strikethrough. Gmail doesn't include a way to strike out text, but that doesn't mean the site is incompatible. Use another program on your computer to create strikethrough text and then paste it into an email.


If you use Gmail through Outlook, you don't need to use this workaround: Just open the Format Text tab and click the Strikethrough icon.

Step 1: Write the Text

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Open Microsoft Word and write the text you want to strike through. Select it and click the Strikethrough icon in the Font section.


  • If you don't have Word, use WordPad instead. It comes free with Windows and has a Strikethrough button in the same place.
  • Many other text formatting options also carry over to Gmail. Choose a size or color for your text in Word for a wider selection of options than Gmail offers.


Gmail does not support the double-strikethrough effect available in Word. Text with a double-strikethrough looks identical to a regular strikethrough once pasted into Gmail.

Step 2: Copy the Text

Press Ctrl-C to copy the selected text from Word.

Step 3: Paste the Text

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Google

Place the cursor in a Gmail composition and press Ctrl-V to paste the text. Write the rest of your email around the stricken line.


You don't have to return to Word to make changes to the stricken text. Gmail has no trouble editing the text after you paste it. However, if you delete the entire line, you'll need to copy it from Word again.

Step 4: Unify the Style

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Set the font and text size for your entire email if you want the pasted text to match the text written in Gmail. Select all of the text in your email, click the tT icon and choose Normal to set the font size. If the typefaces don't match, open the Sans Serif drop-down menu and choose Sans Serif (or another font).


None of the options on the formatting toolbar remove the strikethrough effect; you're free to set them as you need.