How to Download a Movie File

By Erick Kristian

To download a movie file from the internet is a very easy task. There are a number of methods that can be used to search for and download a movie file. If the video file is hosted on a website it can be downloaded in a couple clicks of the mouse. Peer to peer networks often have a large selection of movies and video files available for download. Another option is to download a movie file from YouTube.

Step 1

Download the file from a website. Visit the site that hosts the movie file that will be downloaded. Find the link for the file. Right click on the link for the video file. Select "Save As." A dialog box will open. Locate the directory on the computer where the file should be saved. Click "Save." The file will now download. Depending on the file size, the download can take several seconds to a couple of hours.

Step 2

Download the file from a peer to peer network. Go to and download the software. Install the software using the on screen prompts. Once the program has been installed set the program preferences, located under the Options or Tools menu. In the program search bar select "Movies" and type in the name of the movie file in the search bar. Click search. A list of files matching the searched content will appear, download the one with the highest number of "peers" or highest quality rating by double clicking on the file. Peers are the number of other users sharing that file, the higher the number of peers the more users sharing the file, this generally results in a faster download speed.The file will now download to the default downloads directory.

Step 3

Download a movie from YouTube. Visit and search for the movie. A list of youtube videos matching the searched for content will appear. Find the right video and click on it. Copy the video's URL and visit Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the dialog box and click the "Download" button. Wait for to convert the video file; this may take a few minutes. Once the conversion is finished the visitor will be presented with a number of resolution and file options to download the YouTube video, such as fvl, MP4, or 3gp. Download the desired file.