How to Download a SIM Card

By Emilio Alvarez

Downloading the contents of your SIM card is easy when you have the necessary components. You will need a SIM card reader or a multi-card reader that supports SIM cards. They are sold online or in computer stores and connect to your computer through USB. To download and manage the data in your SIM card you will need to install a program that comes with the card reader, which can allow you to back up, view and edit contents like phone numbers, text messages, call logs and additional data.

Things You'll Need

  • USB SIM card reader
  • Driver for card reader

Purchasing the SIM card reader and Installing drivers

Step 1

Purchase a SIM card reader. You may visit a website that sells computer accessories. Make sure the card reader's driver is included in your purchase. Drivers may come on a compact disc (CD) or you can download them from the website of purchase. If that's the case, the driver will be an executable file (a file name ending with ''.exe'').

Step 2

Install the card reader's driver in your computer. If the driver came in a CD format, insert the CD in your computer and launch the program it contains. If you downloaded the file, launch the program.

Step 3

Go through the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement, choose the location where you wish to save the data of your SIM card and complete any remaining steps of the installation wizard. Depending on the card reader you bought, it may require you to restart your computer or connect your card reader prior to restarting.

Downloading SIM card data

Step 1

Insert your SIM card into your USB SIM card reader. Plug the SIM card reader into your computer's USB port. The card reader program will detect your SIM card and probably will launch automatically. Launch the program, if it does not start automatically.

Step 2

Click on the "Read" or "Download" button in the user interface. This will begin the transfer of data from your SIM card into your computer. Allow the program to finish downloading the data without interruptions.

Step 3

Browse through the card reader program's menu options and manage the data as you wish. Depending on the card reader and program you bought, you may be able to perform back-ups, add more data to your SIM card, view call logs, text messages and more.

Step 4

Finish managing your data and quit the program before you remove the USB SIM card reader. Removing the USB device properly will prevent you from losing data.