How to Download a Video on an MP3

By Mitchell White

Many MP3 players can now play videos as well. It's possible that the MP3 player you own may have this option without you even knowing about it. The player will likely need the video to be in a certain format first, but you can always convert the video you want to get it in that right format.

Things You'll Need

  • MP3 player
  • Video
  • Personal computer
  • USB cord

Step 1

Make sure that your MP3 player can also play videos. It should say right on the box for your player whether it can. it should also say what file types the player can use.

Step 2

Install a video converter for your MP3 player if needed. Look to see if one came on your installation CD. Look online if you need one. Consider a Sansa Converter. Install any drivers on the installation CD at the same time, allowing your computer to recognize your player when you plug it in. This process starts automatically after inserting the CD in the computer's CD drive.

Step 3

Convert your video into the right format and size. Many videos on your computer aren't in the right size to view on a small MP3 player screen, so you'll need to convert them first. Check the manual for the proper size.

Step 4

Hook up your USB cord to your computer and to your MP3 player. This cord should have come in the same package as your player. Open your video in whatever folder you converted it. Drag it over to your MP3 player folder, located within "My Computer" field. Some converters will automatically download the video to your player after it is converted.