How to Download an App on a Samsung Galaxy

By Andrew Tennyson

Learn how to use the native Google Play store on your Samsung Galaxy device to download and install apps.

Use the native Google Play app on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to download and install Android apps from the Google Play store. When possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever you're downloading large applications from the Google Play store in order to avoid burning through your monthly cellular data transfer quota.

Step 1

Open the Apps folder or swipe through your home screens until your locate the Play Store icon. The appearance of your Apps folder and home screens will vary depending on the version of Android installed on your Galaxy and whether or not you have any third-party launchers installed.

Step 2

Tap the Play Store icon to launch your Galaxy's native app store.

Step 3

Tap the Apps button to load the Apps section of the Play Store.

Google Play (Android 5.0)


You can also access other content categories from this screen, including Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books and Newsstand.

Step 4

Select Categories to search through available apps by category, or select one of the provided groupings, such as Top Paid or Top Free. Swipe to the right to reveal additional groupings.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Step 5

Tap the app you want to install to view its Details page.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Step 6

Touch the Install button to begin installing the selected app if it's available as a free download. If the app costs money, tap its price instead.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Step 7

Read through the app's required permissions to see what it will access when installed on your Samsung Galaxy device. Tap the down-facing arrows to expand the permission descriptions.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

If you agree with the required permissions, touch the Accept button to initiate the automated download and installation process. If the app costs money, you'll be prompted to select a payment method.


Download and installation may take several minutes. That speed at which something downloads and installs depends on the size of the app and the speed of both your device and its Wi-Fi connection.

Step 8

Touch Open to launch the app once the installation is complete.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Reading Reviews

Before you install an app, it's a good idea to read other user reviews. Often reviewers will comment on how well an app works on various devices. Look for reviews that mention your Samsung Galaxy model to determine how successfully the app runs on the device before committing to buying or downloading it.

To read reviews of an app, open the app's details page and scroll down. The Google Play store aggregates reviews and gives the app a user rating out of five stars.

Google Play (Android 5.0)

Uninstalling an App

To uninstall an app, open the Play Store, tap the three-line Menu icon in the top-left corner and select My Apps. Select the app you want to remove and then tap the Uninstall button.

Google Play (Android 5.0)