How to Download Flash Pictures

By Joshua Laud

When browsing the Internet, you might find animations or photographs that are not stored in a typical image file format. If find an image or animation that you want to save to your computer, but it is in the Adobe Flash (SWF) file format, then you will have to download the Flash graphic in a slightly different way. When you browse, Internet graphics, including Flash graphics, are downloaded to your Temporary Internet Files. Periodically, these get deleted, but until then you can find your Flash graphics in that folder.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer from the Start Menu. Navigate to the web page with the Flash graphics on it. Make a note of the web address you are visiting.

Step 2

Click "Tools," then "Internet Options," then "General," then click "Settings" under the Browsing History section.

Step 3

Click "View Files." This loads your temporary Internet files stored on your computer. It contains all the files you have browsed using Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Click "View," then "Details." Then click "View," then "Arrange Icons by," then "Internet Address."

Step 5

Scroll down to the Internet address for the website you were just viewing. Look for the Flash, Adobe Flash, or Shockwave Flash files (typically with an SWF extension). Right-click the file and click "Copy." Navigate to a new location, press and hold "Ctrl" and then press "V" to paste the Flash pictures. You will now have saved it to a permanent location.