How to Download Flash Player Videos From a Website

By Melissa King

While watching flash video clips on video sharing websites, you may wish to download the video to your computer for later viewing. The option to download the video, however, is sometimes not available. Almost any shared video can be downloaded and saved by using the free browser plugin "Flash Video Downloader." The plugin is available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. It allows users to download video in only one click.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet browser

Step 1

Go to and click on the link to download the plugin for your Internet browser.For Internet Explorer, click "Download Now," then "Save File." For Firefox, click "Add to Firefox" and "Install Now," then restart the browser. For Opera, click "Launch," then "OK" and "Install."

Step 2

Go to the video sharing website from which you want to save videos. Copy the URL of a specific video's page.

Step 3

Return to and paste the copied URL into the "URL" box. Click "Download." The video is saved on your computer in an .flv file format.