How to Download Free Antivirus Programs

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

New viruses are created all the time. These viruses can be very harmful to your computer system in a variety of ways. All types of security problems can occur if these viruses are left on your computer. You need to have an antivirus program to stop viruses from causing security damage. These antivirus programs can monitor your system and keep up with all of the latest threats. There are a number of antivirus applications designed that you can utilize. Many of these are free to download and use.

Step 1

Use the link provided in Resources for CNET to access the CNET Download page. This opens the main download page for all programs available. Select the operating system you are using from the tabs located in the center top area. The default tab selected is "Windows. " The other tabs are "Mac," "Mobile" or "Webware."

Step 2

Click on the "Security Software" link found on the left side of the page under "Windows (Mac, Mobile or Webware) Software." This opens a webpage with all of the obtainable security applications. Click on the "Antivirus" link located on the top left to view all of the antivirus programs.

Step 3

Find free antivirus programs and narrow your selections further. On the left side under "License type," choose "Free" to open a page with only free licensed software. Divide the antivirus programs by your specific Windows version. Click on your exact Windows edition you have under the "by Operating system" categories listed on the left.

Step 4

Sort the antivirus programs shown. Use the drop-down arrow next to "Sort by:" to change the way the free antivirus programs are listed. The default setting is "Downloads last week," but this can be changed to "Date Added," "Product Name," Editors' Rating," "User Rating" or "Total Download." Change the amount of results shown per page from 10 to either 20 or 30, if desired.

Step 5

Review the antivirus programs. The ones shown first by default are the Sponsored programs followed by the Editor and User rated antivirus programs. Each one can be reviewed by clicking on the name, which is a link. This opens a page with details about this specific antivirus program. Read over several different ones to find one that is suitable.

Step 6

Download the free antivirus program. Click on the "Download Now" link or the green button to begin download. Click on "Run" to download and run the antivirus program setup. This will only take a moment. Follow the directions provided to download and install your free antivirus program.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select "Save" when you are downloading the antivirus program to save a copy of it. Choose a location to place the file. Access it later to install the downloaded antivirus program.
  • Your browser may be set to block the antivirus program download. If a warning appears after you click on the download option, you may have to adjust your settings. Follow the guidelines given to do this.