How to Download Free MP3 Music Legally

By Matthew Fortuna

While pirating free music has become a major problem in the recording industry, your ability to download free music has increased greatly since the 1990s when the problem began. While downloading some songs for free is illegal, there are many free MP3 files to be found around the Internet that you can download legally. These songs are spread across a wide variety of genres and locations, and feature a number of listening options.

Step 1

Navigate to the official site of the Limewire file sharing program (see link in the Reference section) and download the program onto your computer. You can use the program's simple search feature to find and download songs that have fallen into the public domain, as well as music that is copyright-free plus legally-downloadable songs that have been added by users.

Step 2

Browse the official websites of your favorite music artists, recording companies or radio stations. These artists or companies often release free MP3 songs onto the Internet for promotional purposes. Often the song can be downloaded by copying and pasting a URL link for a direct download, at which time you can click the song and save it to your computer. Popular uploading sites include Speedyshape, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace, Mediafire, Hotfile and DepositFiles.

Step 3

Navigate to the websites for, or iTunes (see links in the Reference section). These programs often feature free downloads of songs or singles-of-the-week, or select free music from featured artists.

Step 4

Check out (see link in the Resource section), or search the websites of independent artists, underground artists, indie artists or local artists. These artists often release free music online for promotional purposes, to attract interest to their work.

Step 5

Download free kids' songs from or free Christmas songs from (see links in the Resource section).