How to Download Free MP3s

By Techwalla Contributor

Few people know that you can use Google to find free mp3s. Google indexes not only webpages but files as well allowing you to search for them and download free mp3s if you know how.

Step 1

Before you can download free mp3s you need to go to google search page at .

Step 2

Now type "index.of" into the search engine. This tells Google that you will be only looking for files and not webpages. Don't hit enter yet, we have more to enter.

Step 3

To tell Google you want to download free mp3s type "mp3" into the search bar as well. At this point you should have "index.of mp3" in the search bar.

Step 4

Now you need to decide what you are searching for. This can be a song name, an artist, or an album. You will enter this into the search bar as well. However, do not use spaces. Use periods instead. For example if I wanted to find smashing pumpkins songs my search bar would read "index.of mp3 smashing.pumpkins

Step 5

Now click search to find places you can download free mp3s.

Step 6

Begin to click on links. You will usually find a list of mp3s. You can listen to them by left clicking on them. If you want to download free mp3s, right click on the song and click "Save as", and designate the location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only download free mp3s of non-copyrighted music.