How to Download Free Music Legally

By Sara Hickman

Downloading music doesn't have to be illegal or cost a lot of money. Many artists offer free tracks to promote their albums or as a "thank you" to fans. A number of blogs and websites offer free, legal downloads for music lovers. These downloads are often in mp3 format, so you can use them on any type of music device or computer. You do have to save the files to your computer, so make sure they are free of viruses before downloading.

Step 1

Visit a music blog that offers free music. Right-click the link with your mouse. Choose "Save As" from the list of options. Save the file to your location of choice. You can then access the music file as desired. Popular music blogs include NME Daily Download, Spin Magazine and The Hype Machine.

Step 2

Visit the MP3 Store or iTunes Store. Click "MP3 Store" on Amazon's main menu and choose your device. Click "MP3 and Cloud Player" followed by "Mp3 Store" from Amazon's main menu. Click the "Free Music" banner on this page to access thousands of free songs. Create an account if you do not have one, and click "Download" next to the title of the track you want. On iTunes, you must access the iTunes Store through the side menu bar of the media player. On the main page click "Free on iTunes" and peruse the files you with to download. Click "Download" when you've selected the free song you want. Wait for the file to download and it will be available to use through your media player.

Step 3

Visit your favorite band's website. Click the link for a free song download, if available. Depending on the band, you will need to download the file directly from the site by right clicking and choosing "Save As," as with blogs. Other bands may require you join their mailing list. Enter your email address and then confirm the account. The file will be sent as an attachment to your email that you must download.

Step 4

Visit Starbucks, which offers a free song download from a new artist each week, or watch music magazines for free music codes. The downloads are only available through iTunes. Search for the song through iTunes and click "Download," but instead of paying you enter the code. Magazines like Spin, Under the Radar and NME also offer free downloads from time to time. Follow the directions on the advertisement or magazine article to download the music. It is likely you will download the music through their website or they will email you a file full of songs.