How to Download Free Music Safely

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Although the Internet is full of groups offering free music downloads, many are not to be trusted. With a little caution and common sense, though, it is easy to download free and legal music safely from a wide variety of sources. Luckily, many bands, record labels and even music download services are competing for consumer attention and offering free downloads as a way to attract listeners.

Step 1

Never download from swapping or trading sites as the copies offered are frequently illegal and their origins are dubious. This is an easy way for malicious software to be transferred into a computer so it is best avoided.

Step 2

Search for public domain recordings from a reputable website such as Public domain is particularly useful when searching for older music or music from bands such as The Grateful Dead that allowed fans to record concerts.

Step 3

Explore websites of favorite record labels. Many, particularly smaller, independent labels, offer free promotional downloads.

Step 4

Visit band websites and MySpace pages. Many offer free promotional downloads to their fans.

Step 5

Shop favorite music subscription services for free music downloads.

Step 6

Participate in promotions that reward patrons with free music. This may require creating an account with a specific music service.

Step 7

Download free music as it is found and transfer the files to the appropriate folders or players. Some downloads may have to be converted to MP3 or another file type depending on the player being used.