How to Download Free Songs to an Apple iPod

By Amanda Kondolojy

Although iPods are natively compatible with songs bought from the iTunes service, you can still put songs that you have downloaded from other, free services onto your iPod by adding them to your iTunes library. The process is fairly simple, and is ideal for fans of independent musicians who distribute their work over the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes software

Step 1

Create a folder where you would like to keep your music. Keep it in a place where you will remember it, like your desktop or your "My Music" folder.

Step 2

Download your music. Websites like Royalty Free Music offer a good amount of music that is free and legal to download. The Skreemr search engine is also a great tool to find free music online to download. However, since Skreemr pulls results from all websites, some search results may contain copyrighted material. (See Resources for links to these services.)

Step 3

Transfer files to your iTunes library. You can do this by going to the file menu and selecting "Add file to library." Then simply select the folder and click "OK." You will then see your songs appear in iTunes.

Step 4

Sync iTunes with your device. If you have auto-sync enabled, new files will be added to your iPod as soon as it is connected to your computer. However, if you use manual sync, you will need to drag each file individually to your iPod.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most classical music falls under the public domain of copy-protection laws, and is therefore completely free to download.
  • Make sure the free music you download is not under copyright protection, as this can land you in a lot of trouble. The best way to determine if a song is copy-protected is to see if it is sold in CD form online, or if it is available for free on an official website.